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what is a landing page- landing page design - landing page examples

landing pages

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So, what is a landing page? Why do we need it?

There are many stories and legends I could tell you and if you"ll ask 10 people you will get similar answers, the answer is quite simple

The first page the customer sees upon arriving to our website! or to our Facebook.

Many people think that the landing page is part of a financed campaign and they must invest in that campaign in order to use it. On the other hand a lot of businesses use the site"s homepage to campaign, and in fact they miss the whole point. Each business offers several products and services, usually in the main page of the company website there are more products or services, everyone wants to push as much to come across for greed.

For example, if in this landing page I would tell you also about all the other issues that our Company is engaged in such as graphic design, SEO, etc... Usually such a surfer will see the load; he will run away from the landing page or the entire site. Every landing page should concentrate on a single product or service provided. In short, in the first page that visitors come to, there is no connection to the original traffic the user came from if by the organic SEO campaign or online.

A winning landing page must connect what the visitor is looking for and want with the operation the business owner will want to surfers to do. Always give several options for action such as leaving a message or contact details. Many landing pages are missing the goal, they are not focused and give too much information that is not relevant to the search results. In today"s era everything must be plain and simple and fast and clear as possible, all of us have no time and want to get more done, for example landing page load takes long time, this means that surfers can cultivate interest and falling by an average view time, a customer willing to wait 2 to 3 seconds and no more although it is what he sought and that"s exactly what he needs.

A customer who was looking for a chair dining room and came to the home page of furniture shop which presents a lot of information products, he does not have patience or do not understand too much on the Internet, runs away and try the next in line. To receive a landing page that shows exactly what he was looking for still need to score the taste of those visits already reached.

The hardest part in building a landing page is basically the analysis phase and to focus on the subject which yield the highest conversion ratios that helping people understand about online conversion ratio for normal landing page are between 1 to 2 percent, higher landing page conversion rate are between 4 and 5 percent.

Landing Page uncovered 1000 times a month will be viewed by 10 to 50 people depending on how appealing and interesting it is. After 10 to 50 viewers saw are landing page, 10 percent will contact the business. A focused landing page with only one main subject and without unnecessary additives makes the Web page to the a winner itself.

Our experience in landing pages which are marketed on the Internet only by organic SEO that our company specializes in, also true in relation to most of our pages that are converted to normal. But there are dozens of pages that their mad conversion ratio is from 15 to 18 percent.

Again, when I go back to analysis these pages the only thing you see clearly is the landing page that is focused on one main page harvest the most fruits more than landing pages full of issues related to the same field.
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