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Organic SEO landing pages
Business and Design Promotion, has developed a unique product that helps promote small businesses to large companies with tens of thousands of employees, advertising and marketing on the Internet in a way that is called SEO landing pages.
There are different and various landing pages- adaptable to the cyber world, we design personal landing pages according to the customers' wishes.

Our landing pages - are accustomed to search engine advertising and Google in particular. Matching landing pages in Google search results for maximum exposure in minimum time. Landing pages in Google's first page help generate income and exposure to new potential customers and sell to existing customers. OM landing pages promote the client's website and allow the surfers to click the link by specific theme. The SEO costs thousands of Shekels a month, versus OM SEO landing pages that cost a few hundreds a year for lease. One of OM's landing pages' advantages is the ability to promote banners and pictures on the same landing page. Building a quality landing page requires advanced planning and professionalism, in order to reach customers for a product or a service represented on the landing page. It must be considered before opening landing pages, the search engines go through the site / address of the page and therefore any changes or updates will not appear on the Internet until you update your landing page.

Landing page types - Advertised designed landing page- by financed links or by email is limited; arrivals to such a landing page from a specific source is quantity limited, in order to get entries from this kind you need to advertise it in any way. This type of landing page must be invested financially daily weekly or monthly, depending on the client's budget. In addition, the client must invest efforts in bringing existing customers or high-budget campaigns to promote the landing page.

Landing pages- include main issues or a client that wants to advertise his business additionally to his website. This landing page will be part of the client's site and will increase exposure. It will be affected from the site and the site's position in the search engines. It will be substandard and will not appear in the search engines, there is a chance it will appear in the pictures search. Landing page that is found only as a picture cannot give more data and can only function as another link. Here too there is a need to invest in a high-budget campaign to promote it.

Organic SEO landing page - adapted to different search engines, unique product of OM that you can't find anywhere else. Designed Landing pages are suitable for any platform; from smartphones of all sizes through mobiles and immobile computers, to giant screens.

OM-D landing pages - include selected text topics, landing pages with the ability to organically SEO landing page, regardless of whether the customer has a website or Facebook page. Landing pages stand on their own and receive additional forces from other landing pages in that area or the common issues that can help to reach the first pages of various search engines and Google particularly.
Marketing and advertising landing pages in Google- divides to two main issues.

The first - organic SEO, the landing pages appear in Google's location by a specific search result. You can see a large number of OM landing pages that appear on Google's first pages; moreover, you can see that the pictures that appear in landing pages are promoted and designed.
The Second- Building a campaign landing page on Google (Adwords) by a list of words, unpredictable monthly costs;
thousands of dollars a month - depending on the amount of words and the competition on the same subject. You can contact or send a message.

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what is a landing page- landing page design - landing page examples

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